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ver the last few years I have slowly made a shift towards more naturally derived products, organic where possible, and questioned whether or not I really needed certain items – for the sake of the waste product that comes as a consequence of using a certain lotion, potion or powder.

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Christmas has been and gone and our welcoming of the New Year is a fading memory... as things get back to 'business-as-usual' I am taking stock of what I have planned for the year and what I would like to achieve. 2017 was jam packed but I have loved closing the year with a sense of calm, relaxing up on the Sunshine Coast and appreciating the simple things. I love to reflect at this time of year, pondering on what I enjoyed most in the last 12 months, what I want to do more of and what goals I want to work towards in the coming year.

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You've heard of the children that are more excited about the box than the gift... well I am the grown up equivalent. There's nothing I love more than a beautiful, creatively wrapped present; one that is almost too pretty to open. True to my eco-friendly roots, I adore reusing trinkets and recycled fabrics or papers into something new again and wrapping is the perfect opportunity for these offcuts and spare pieces.

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of beauty and skin products. Anti-ageing, anti-oxidants, refining, regenerating, re-purifiying… with so many buzz words thrown at you from just a single shelf it’s hard to tackle a whole Mecca’s-worth of options. To cut through the options I prefer to keep things simple, looking for fewer ingredients endourced by Mother Nature herself.

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Whilst I do love a natural glow, I'd rather get it from a bottle than bake like a rotisserie chicken in the sun but every time I reached for that infamous foam of bronzing goodness my mothers voice popped in my head (or through the bathroom door) reminding me that the chemicals packed into the product were possibly causing just as much harm as the sun's rays.

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Due to a very busy end to last year I have unfortunately been a bit neglectful of The Eve. I did have a fair excuse, in December I finally packed myself up and made the big move to Sydney... oversized wardrobe and large unnecessary magazine collection in tow. I am happy to say that I am now settled in to my little apartment in Alexandria and things are finally getting into my new routine.

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