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Collage 1 Collage 2 With all of my recent travel filling these here pages I thought I’d bring Charlie & Coco back to its roots with some more lifestyle based material.  So my next couple of posts will be centered around the theme “Woman on the Move”. This series represents all that I intend Charlie & Coco to be about – bringing together the elements that make up a life of style. To kick things off we’re starting with The Weekend Edition.

Perhaps it was to do with the fact that I used to work retail on weekends and stare longingly out the shop windows at normal people doing normal weekend-ey things but I treat my Saturdays and Sundays as sacred. I love to spend my time getting a few things ticked off my to-do list, café hopping, catching up with friends or family and exploring new places.

But weekends are only two days long after all which means if you’re anything like me you’ll spend most of it running between errands and social engagements and spending as much time out and about as possible.  On these types of days you need to be ready for anything, dress comfortably (and warm if you’re in Melbourne like me!) and carry light. These are a few of the bits and bobs that are my must haves for an on-the-go weekend.

Jeans Your favorite pair of worn in, most comfortable jeans. I go for ripped on weekends… wait is it weird that I have “weekend jeans”? Regardless, these are Asos ‘Lisbon’ jeans- the perfect combination of stretch and mid- rise for my shape.

Nike Free Runs Perfect for when I decide that I want to be that person that wears activewear with the intention of doing everything but exercise… and luckily fashion says that these days junners are not a faux pas rather, a big style tick (see what I did there?..... Yep it’s no wonder my boyfriend doesn’t laugh at my jokes…)

Fur stole Melbourne…. Nuf’ said. This one from Seed is a great thrown on over any coat or jacket for an extra bit of fuzz and warmth.

Knitted jumpers perfect for layering, I purchased this Forever New one a few weeks ago and I have worn it every weekend since.

Shoulder bag This season I think I’m going to invest in a smaller shoulder bag to run around with on weekends. For any of my loved ones reading *hint * hint* I reeeally like this Zimmermann one!

Wallet I don’t know what it is but I hate large wallets, they take up precious space in your bag and are an absolute pain to carry around. I just discovered this one from Naked Vice which is just big enough to fit a sizeable collection of cards and coins, and the perfect size to grab and go or fit neatly into my bag.

Wool fedora For when you’re feeling like you need to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your outfit, this Ace of Something hat is perfect

And of course… coffee and lots of it!

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