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Weekend at Home


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After months of non-stop Monday to Fridays and even busier weekends, I finally had a chance to kick back and spend this weekend at home. So I thought I'd share here a little glimpse into what a quiet weekend looks like for me.
First up, whilst I'm not really one for a sleep-in I love nothing more than lazing around in bed for an hour or so before getting up on weekends. Saturday I was meeting up with some friends for brunch (another favourite weekend pastime) so beforehand I enjoyed a nice cup of tea in bed and savoured a quiet moment without the pressure of rushing out of bed to get out the door for work.


Because of my busy and very unreliable weekday schedule I often make up for a few workouts on the weekend. I love taking my time and treating myself to a coffee afterwards rather than doing the quick change-and-dash to work like during the week. My favourite workouts are Reformer Pilates and Bare (at KX Pilates). But this weekend I gave bootcamp a go with my friend's new venture Eastern Barbell which was challenging but heaps of fun.


Sunday afternoons for me are reserved for recharging before taking the dive into the next week. I love spending this time in my room relaxing and I like to start by light a candle and make myself a cup of tea. Then I'll maybe read a few magazines or prepare myself for the next week by writing my to-do lists and schedules in my diary. Sometimes if I've got time I'll treat myself to a fresh coat of nail polish or face mask just to make me feel fresh and pampered for the new week.