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The backbone of a sustainable wardrobe is quality garments that last, and the key to longevity is garment care. Putting a bit of love into the items you carefully select to incorporate into your wardrobe will not only ensure that you always look neat and put together but will allow you to get as much wear out of the garment as possible.

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One thing I am really passionate about is reigniting a love for sewing, to reconnect the ‘disconnect’ we all have with fashion and it’s price tag and grow to appreciate the beauty of it again beyond the trends. Which is why I am so excited to share a little project I’ve been working on with The Essentials Club, a simple DIY Ruffle Cami.

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Christmas has been and gone and our welcoming of the New Year is a fading memory... as things get back to 'business-as-usual' I am taking stock of what I have planned for the year and what I would like to achieve. 2017 was jam packed but I have loved closing the year with a sense of calm, relaxing up on the Sunshine Coast and appreciating the simple things. I love to reflect at this time of year, pondering on what I enjoyed most in the last 12 months, what I want to do more of and what goals I want to work towards in the coming year.

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I thought it would be nice to take some time to write a bit of a personal post today and share with you some updates.  As you may well know I moved to Sydney (from Melbourne) in December 2016 and it has been a wonderful experience. I have loved the city, the beaches, the lifestyle and had many fantastic opportunities to grow and challenge myself. However this chapter is soon to close as in the next few weeks I will be working my way north again, this time to Brisbane.

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