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Over the years I have made a conscious shift to seek out more sustainable ways to shop as I have become more aware of the impacts of the things that I buy on the people that make them and the environment in which they are made in.

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The backbone of a sustainable wardrobe is quality garments that last, and the key to longevity is garment care. Putting a bit of love into the items you carefully select to incorporate into your wardrobe will not only ensure that you always look neat and put together but will allow you to get as much wear out of the garment as possible.

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Without a doubt the biggest staple in my wardrobe is denim. I am very much a jeans and tee kind of girl and I love the sense of effortlessness a well fitting denim piece gives to an outfit. In terms of building a sustainable wardrobe these are the items that are worth consciously curating, taking the time to find your perfect fit and sourcing staple pieces that you will wear forever. Read on to hear my favourite ways to buy Denim.

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I will admit I am very fussy when it comes to handbags, but rightly so as I am known to sport the same one for years if it is the right fit. When I came across the WOOLF Leather range I knew I had found my new everyday bag, the perfect combination between simple design, beautiful leather and just a hint of a nod to nostalgic vintage detailing. It's a tough brief but I know it when I see it.

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Sometimes a quick escape is all that you need. Last weekend whilst visiting Brisbane we decided to go on a quick road trip to Byron to catch some sun and see what it had to offer. This trip proved all too quick as there is just so much to experience in this beautiful beachside town but I thought I would share a few of the things that we got up to as well as my wishlist of things to do next time.... because you can bet your bikini, there will most definitely be another time.

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