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ver the last few years I have slowly made a shift towards more naturally derived products, organic where possible, and questioned whether or not I really needed certain items – for the sake of the waste product that comes as a consequence of using a certain lotion, potion or powder.

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of beauty and skin products. Anti-ageing, anti-oxidants, refining, regenerating, re-purifiying… with so many buzz words thrown at you from just a single shelf it’s hard to tackle a whole Mecca’s-worth of options. To cut through the options I prefer to keep things simple, looking for fewer ingredients endourced by Mother Nature herself.

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Whilst I do love a natural glow, I'd rather get it from a bottle than bake like a rotisserie chicken in the sun but every time I reached for that infamous foam of bronzing goodness my mothers voice popped in my head (or through the bathroom door) reminding me that the chemicals packed into the product were possibly causing just as much harm as the sun's rays.

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