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I thought it would be nice to take some time to write a bit of a personal post today and share with you some updates.  As you may well know I moved to Sydney (from Melbourne) in December 2016 and it has been a wonderful experience. I have loved the city, the beaches, the lifestyle and had many fantastic opportunities to grow and challenge myself. However this chapter is soon to close as in the next few weeks I will be working my way north again, this time to Brisbane.

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For many years I have always held this picture in my mind of the kind of woman that I want to be and whenever I am dressing or adding to my wardrobe I always keep her in mind. I picture her in beautiful garments that have movement when she walks, she has an air natural ease and honours quality, classic pieces that she can remember avidly sourcing years ago to add to her collection. There’s an appreciation for each garment and the standard of it’s make. For me that’s what style is all about, wearing things you truly adore and hold dear for many years.

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