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I am very fortunate that my lifestyle allows me to travel quite often. I love that feeling of getting ready for a flight, being the slight perfectionist that I am I like to think that by now I have nailed my travel routine. Part of me gets irrationally satisfied with a well packed suitcase. Whether catching long-haul or domestic flights my carry-on bag contains a few non – negotiables. Most of these have often arisen through a lack-there-of situation in the past and an inconvenient lesson learnt. First comes first, I normally just go with my everyday handbag for my carry –on. It holds quite a lot, can stand a beating and fits perfectly under the seat in front. And if travelling overseas I upsize my normal wallet for one that can fit my passport to avoid juggling multiple vessels at check in counters trying to track down ID’s and the like.


Next your attire has to be comfortable not even just for the flight but I often find the worst thing to be back at the airport when you’re lugging a carry-on bag and suitcase whilst at the same time juggling various wallets/phones throughout the airport check in process. The last thing you want to be adding to this scenario is an item of clothing that constantly needs to be adjusted or is too big and heavy. Light layers are the go, basic t-shirts and your favourite pair of comfy jeans are perfect. And don’t forget the sneakers- no one wants to be performing that bag juggling act whilst wearing heeled boots and sprinting to a closing boarding gate. Another must is a light but large scarf as it can double as a blanket during the flight should you be inconveniently located underneath an overpowered air conditioning vents.

And while we’re on the topic of dressing – on long haul flights bralette’s are my go-to. Picture being 5 hours into the flight battling a haywire-underwire. Yeah, not great fun. Not to mention in terms of underwear- pack a clean pair of briefs as this and a baby wipe are the closest things you’ll get to a shower mid-air so are a must for those longer routes. A toothbrush or at the very least gum is a good idea too to freshen up after a few hours on board.


So now that you’ve got yourself nice and comfortable it’s time for entertainment. A good magazine or book will pass some time but I like to take a couple of options with me. Especially if I’ve got the ‘I’m-going-home’ blues I find I get crabby and need to switch things up to break up the time. Load up your laptop or phone with audio or video content and remember your earphones and charging material. Most planes these days do have USB plugs to charge devices but never be caught out without a backup power bank just in case. Mine was a measly $12 from Kmart and has two full 0-100% charges in it. And lastly I don’t know if it’s just me but I seem to get my most inspired on planes so I always make sure I take my notepad and a couple of pens to jot down random ideas and to-do’s.

The last few travel tips I have up my sleeve are always bank on a ‘mystery half hour’ when getting to the airport particularly for an international itinerary. You never know if it’s traffic, impossible parking or security line clogs that can hold you up but you’ll be much more relaxed sitting in the departures lounge with a coffee before boarding than racing the clock to make it to the gate. This also allows time to duck into the shops if you’ve had a ‘oh crap I’ve forgotten * insert semi crucial item here *’ on the way in.


So whether you’re planning a trip or the near or far-off future I hope these little tid-bits helped. If you’ve got any little handy travel tips you'd like to share please leave them in the comments below!

These images were taken on a recent trip to Canberra. We stayed at the QT Hotel, New Acton.