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This week I was listening to a podcast featuring Lisa Messenger from The Collective and she was saying that as she get busier, she gets calmer. That’s something I have found over the last couple of years as I have taken on more responsibilities and life in general throws all kinds of things at you, the only way to get through it is to stay level headed and not get caught up in the madness. It takes conscious effort, but every time your to-do-list piles up and the stress levels rise, making a purposeful decision to stay calm is the only way to get through it. Giving in to the stress can sometimes be like putting a wall up, mentally you create a block and a calm mind is much more efficient and productive than one that is jammed up with panic.

The biggest thing for me to avoid stress is taking any available time to do things that I enjoy that force me to move at a slower pace. If I make time for these when I can, it sets me up on a better level to deal with the days that may be a bit more challenging and enables me to keep that level mind as I move through them.


Day to day, the simple step of making myself a cup of tea can be the perfect way to break up your day and give your mind some relief. Waiting for the kettle to boil and the simple fact that you have to sip it slowly is something to treasure in those days that are all go-go-go. On the weekends I really make the most of this ritual and make myself a big mug of green tea to drink while I’m blogging, or reading in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Finding time to feed your mind is something that primes you to take on those challenging days. I think it's important to think of this from two perspectives.... First feeding it with inspiration and information and secondly in giving yourself the tools to switch it off. Take the time to read magazines, books, blogs, watch Youtube ... Anything that excites you and inspires you. Even if it doesn't relate to what you do every day the things you absorb will always be of value, and you never know when they might manifest themselves.

And the opposite of this is allowing time to let your mind wind down and slow the pace of thought. Meditation is something that i have been trying to get into the habit of doing at the end of each day for just 10 minutes. I either use a guided meditation from wellness guru, Melissa Ambrosini or this simple counting technique I learnt from Rochelle Fox's Mindspo series. Either way it forces me to stop, focus on my breath and clear my mind of all of the unnecessary clutter it is holding onto from that day.


Getting moving is another release and a great way of getting rid of any pent up energy. Get into a rhythm of what works for you, but for me Pilates, gym workouts and anything outside like a quick walk or jog with my dog refreshes and energizes me. If I don't make time for a few of these a week i 100% notice the difference in my mental state and my energy levels.

And lastly, travel. I am very lucky that I get to travel often but even a quick road trip on a weekend day to explore somewhere that you've never been before can be enough. Get out, see something different, break routine. I love this quote I found recently in the collective magazine as it perfectly sums up my feelings about this. There will always be something unique to see wherever you go and you never know what kind of ideas these new sights might stir up. And there's no better feeling that coming home with a brand new burning passion to start something or just simply with new shiny memories.