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As much as I admire those with a meticulous beauty regime, I have to admit... I'm the perfect combination of super lazy with a terrible commitment rating. 

A few years ago when I was in America I went to Sephora for the very first time and was so overwhelmed by the choice of products. Amongst a group of 4 girlfriends I went absolutely crazy buying all kinds of blushes, eyeshadows, creams, potions, lotions… you name it. Then when I came back to Australia this obsession continued and all of a sudden I had a drawer full of products and yet I found myself using the same small selection every day.

Over the past year or so I have managed to tame my wild ways and trim back my expanding assortment of concoctions to a simplified routine. So whilst I still don't mind dropping a bit of coin on quality over a vast quantity of products I now know what I am looking for to get the best products that make me and my skin feel in top form.

Natural is key – I’m talking aesthetic wise and also in terms of ingredients. Whilst I’m not perfect, I still have a penchant for NARS (and pretty much anything in ultra sleek packaging) I try as much as possible to steer my selections to products with a small list of ingredients and an emphasis on natural properties.


Skincare is a department I am most meticulous about sourcing naturally. Grown Alchemist has been a strong contender for me for quite some time now. If you ask me they’ve nailed it in this category with their effective yet gentle formulas, understated packaging and botanical scents. I use everything from their Toner, Cleanser, Eye cream and Night cream and will continue to buy based on the fact that they work really well for my skin and let's face it look great in my bathroom!

The other natural products I continuously reach for are dual purposed for their skin properties but also relaxation benefits. When I find myself more stressed out than Monica from Friends in a messy apartment I love using beautifully scented products especially those with essential oils to lift my mood and alleviate some of the tension. The Seeke’s Calm it Down Temple oil is my absolute favourite scent of any product I have ever smelt (big claim I know, but if they made this into a perfume I would buy them out completely). With a slightly minty undertone it feels quite refreshing yet the action of applying it to my temples and just behind my ears is soothing in itself. And if I’ve had a long stress-filled day, nothing is a better cure than a nice hot shower then applying a body oil with essential oils. I picked up this basic Macadamia oil with Lavender at my local chemist for under $10 and it does the job perfectly.


Whilst I loosen the reigns when it comes to finding completely “all – natural” makeup I do still try and stick to an overall natural philosophy in the way I apply it. I’ve just never thought I look right with lots or powder-ey makeup on. Even before the glowy look became on trend I remember when I was a teenager applying my makeup at least a half an hour before I went out so that it would sink into my skin and look more dewy, less cake face. Now whilst I have now advanced my skills a bit and realize that this can be achieved through better application and product selection I try and go for a minimal, dewy look.

My aim is to mostly clear the complexion, and bronze up my native Melbournian skin to create warmth. Creamy products are my favourite day to day, I swear by my RMS Un-Cover-Up concealer and a cream bronzer like my Clinique Chubby stick or Chanel Soleil Tan. A super light dusting of mineral powder by MAC keeps things in place all day and fooling everyone that I’m as bronzed as Gigi after a week in St Tropez (Not quite… I wish!).