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Scrapbook #1 Sepia Tones

The thing I love about blogging is that at its core, blogs are a modern day digital scrapbook that the author can make entirely their own. I have always kept old school cut-and-paste scrapbooks over the years, even now that just about everything is digital. Frankly I think anyone with an unhealthy addiction to magazines like myself has no other option to extract and curate the content that speaks most to you or keep handy for a later date. I love to keep beautiful images, styling tips, travel advice, recipes, you name it! And the beauty of Pinterest is that I can now keep my online stuff in check.

I love how this process ends up manifesting a certain aesthetic or style that you are identifying with at the time. Definitely a monochrome girl at heart, lately my pinning and tearing has revealed an infiltration of copper tones and navy hues into my schemes. I think this has been in part influenced by trips to the beach, and the inky deep blue of the water offset by the warm sandy tones. And my inner city chick translates this back to Melbourne via natural textures like beautiful waxed tan leathers and leopard print paired back with denim and dark navy. This has all come together as a bit of a 70's rock & roll sepia toned fantasy which just so happens to coordinate with this beautiful image of where I believe to be is Positano on Italy's coast, which also just so happens to be where a friend of mine is getting married in July- impromptu trip to Italy anyone? I wish!


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