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The irony of a 'natural' fake tan, right?

Whilst I do love a natural glow, I'd rather get it from a bottle than bake like a rotisserie chicken in the sun but every time I reached for that infamous foam of bronzing goodness my mothers voice popped in my head (or through the bathroom door) reminding me that the chemicals packed into the product were possibly causing just as much harm as the sun's rays. Whilst I admit I do scare easily she does have a bit of a point.

The Eve Luna Bronze


Recently I discovered Luna Bronze and thought that I would give it a try. It first ticked the boxes by being Australian made and derived from 99% organic natural ingredients, upon trying it the real winner is that it is far more moisturising than other tanners I have ever used. After years of tanning mishaps and mistakes I have found the key to an even and lasting tan is by keeping the skin supple and moisturised however this whole process was always a bit of a bungle considering the synthetic tanning agents were very drying. The intention was always there to maintain my fresh tan with days of fastidious moisturising but the lazy girl in me always won out leaving me patchy by day 3.

The colour of Luna Bronze is lighter than you may be used to in typical tanners but I found it lovely and buildable and by the second application I had at the perfect natural looking tan. The beauty of it's creamy formula is that I could simply apply it like a moisturiser one night after another being sure to use a tanning mitt rather than hands to apply it to avoid the dreaded carrot finger look and more importantly a more even application. After a few days of wear, it subtly faded and so evenly that I could barely tell I had been wearing it. 

Rather than that peculiar sweet coconut-ey scent that a fake tan leaves you with, due to it's natural ingredients Luna Bronze dodges that dead-giveaway aroma. I have never been a fan of overly sweet scents so I love that it's light fragrance has a more botanical note to it which is yet another win in my book.


The Eve Luna Bronze 3


If you have been trying out natural alternatives to your beauty staples I would love to hear about your success stories! Leave a comment below with your recommendations.