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Moloolabah QLD

Last weekend I set off on a last minute trip to Moloolabah, Queensland. Moloolabah is a beautiful town on the Sunshine Coast and the perfect location for me to relax and unwind from the jump start I've had to 2015. Queensland seems to have a whole other concept of time than Melbourne, and not just because they don't embrace the whole daylight savings thing (which I came to be told was because it interfered with 5am dips in the surf before work- ah the life!). Time seems to slip by slower than bustling Melbourne, doing anything more than cafe hop, stroll along the rock pools and jumping in the water before soaking up rays on the sand seems like a crime.

This quick getaway was last minute to a tee. I arrived at Melbourne airport and within 10 minutes was rushed onto a plane to avoid imminent storms (typical Melbourne) which provided a direct contrast to the delicious sunshine we enjoyed for the next four days. And typical me, I left my packing to 10pm the night before.... whoops.

My favourite moments were spent sitting on the rocks in the afternoon sun watching the waves roll in, the surfers were in their own world on the waves and little kids were playing nearby in the rock pools. It was one of those moments you wish you could sit in forever.

As I flicked through my issue of The Collective Magazine on the flight from Melbourne to Brisbane I came across the pages above, reading 'Wherever you go, go with all your heart.'  There was no better feeling than taking a leap and booking this flight, getting away for a quick breather. I always have a trust in the fact that if you follow your heart then good things will always follow, they may not come the way you expect them to but they have a habit of showing up when you most deserve it.