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Lately I’ve been getting a bit of an itch to travel to London. It may not be the most adventurous or original place to pin down as my dream destination but there's something about the culture and variety that I am really excited to explore. Whilst I have briefly visited on a family trip as a teenager, in the years since I have been following many a blogger or Youtuber from the UK and building up a list of must-sees for this future expedition.

As a city London can be conservative and refined, rich in history and culture but alongside this throw in an offbeat, eclectic edge. A stone’s throw away from the rest of Europe it seems to be a melting pot of all different people and ideas. From the polished Notting Hill terrace houses to the main historic sites like big ben and the tower of London, contemporary landmarks like the eye and Trafalgar square, and to the extravagant shop windows on the high street.... There's so much I want to see.

To start with, my ideal place to bunker down would be the ace hotel. The ace hotel has other venues in New York and LA, this one is situated in Shoreditch which is supposedly quite a hub for creatives. The hotel itself is a contemporary design with an industrial influence. Pricey? Probably... But a girl can dream.

And this girls gotta eat of course, so a few of the places I have in mind to visit are the department of coffee and social affairs (because... Coffee!), high tea at The Ivy Chelsea Garden, drinks at Vista overlooking Trafalgar square, the adorable illustrated front Biscuiteers shop, and Petersham Nurseries which looks like Britain's answer to The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney (brunch in a greenhouse anyone?). I am probably most excited for sketch, which is dubbed London’s most instagrammed restaurant. The dining room looks like a pastel pink dream, almost straight out of a 1960's movie set.

And lastly it would be rude not to shop wouldn't it? For a merchandiser, London is just about mecca and home to some of the most groundbreaking and inspiring retail environments. The avant gard Dover Street Markets feature a range of high end designer fashion in installations you would be just as likely to find in an art gallery. And I’ll be sure to spend some time on the King's road, which is known for high end boutiques and high-street wares such as bluebird and and other stories pictured here. Not to mention no London trip is complete without a trip to Notting Hill's famous Portobello Markets.

Images sourced from : Whatoliviadid, Hello October, Hermione Olivia, Samantha Maria, The Ace Hotel and Pinterest.