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Little Canberra Excursion



This weekend I took a quick trip up to Canberra and whilst this wasn't my first trip to the  capital I have never really had a full day free to explore the city. I had two major sites on my hit list - the National Gallery of Australia and the famous Hotel Hotel lobby and it's incredible architecture.
My first stop when I arrived  was an absolute must - coffee. For this I went with an old faithful, Lonsdale Street Roasters on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.  Because what else does a Melbournian do when they travel but try and scope out the most Melbourne-like cafe they can find. This place does an amazing breaky, their Eggs Benedict with Salmon is an absolute must every time I visit.




Next up was my visit to the National Gallery. I spent hours wandering the exhibits and was so excited to see so many artists that I studied years ago in the flesh - Sidney Nolan, Rembrant, Warhol and Magritte were all featured as well as some incredible contemporary works. Not to mention the whole wing dedicated to Indigenous works was absolutely breathtaking, as was James Turrell's Skyspace - a giant built work just outside of the gallery that works with the sun's cycle.





Last stop for the day was the Hotel Hotel lobby. Anyone that has visited Canberra would know - this is a highly recommended addition to the Canberra tourist's hit list. Hotel Hotel is set in the micro-suburb of New Acton which is made up with brand new and very trendy galleries, hotels and restaurants. The exterior of the building is quite striking but one step inside the lobby and you can't help but be mesmerised by the incredible structure. Thousands of timber panels appear suspended in such a way that they almost make you feel like the space around you is rushing towards the exterior.
I did a quick scope around the rest of the public areas of the hotel and fell in love with the dark, moody vibe. They used really interesting furniture - a mixture of antique and contemporary and every corner was richly layered and eclectic. I'm so looking forward to treating  myself to a night here on one of my next trips.