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This morning was spent exploring Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Well I was supposed to be exploring my site for an assignment at Uni but I maaaay have gotten a little sidetracked. Johnston Street definitely has that vibe of 'this is where the cool kids hang', the quirky eclectic mix of proprietors has certainly gone a bit more upmarket in recent years.

My favourite interiors were found in Mark Tuckey and their neighbours, Oblica. Mark Tuckey I must say, is hitting the nail on the head for that Australian take on that so of-the-moment Scando style but their pieces look as though they are made of good quality timber. I'd hazard to say you'd be stuck to find any nearby loft-conversion without a piece of their product.

Meanwhile Oblica struck me right from the street front before I even knew what their product was. Their all white brick exterior with large factory windows looked absolutely gorgeous on this sunny Melbourne day, the silver birches lining the street casting the most incredible shadows across the white canvas. Inside they specialise in fireplaces and lighting. Two trendy french guys looked me up and down as I lost it over their harsh mix of  matt black and concrete contrasted with succulents, raw leather and natural woods. Most girls would have gone gaga over the Frenchies alone but I am guilty of going total fan-girl when I am in interior meccas.

The rest of the morning I wandered into a few smaller home wares stores and grabbed a coffee at the Johnston Street food store.