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If there is one thing that long weekends are perfect for, it’s road trips. So last Sunday we decided to make the most of the perfect sunny Easter weekend in Sydney and head for the Blue Mountains for an overnight escape.

Blue mountains camping

Leaving Sydney on Sunday afternoon we drove towards Murphy’s Glen where we set up camp for the night. No frills or fancy hotel rooms for this trip. There’s just nothing quite like setting up your own campsite in a beautiful bush setting and sitting back to enjoy the peacefulness of raw nature. Although, this girl still likes to bring along a few creature comforts- BYO wine and cheese were the perfect accompaniment as we curled up next to our little camp fire and the sun set around us, painting the sky with a beautiful milky pink haze.

The next morning we woke as the sunlight crept through the trees and watched the galahs fly amongst the treetops while we ate a few leftover hot cross buns in our sleeping bags (…does that still count as breakfast in bed?!). Then after packing up we headed towards Katoomba for a heartier breakfast. We settled on Clean Slate café in the main street which had the perfect big breakfasts to fuel a big day of exploring, vego for me, the lot for him.

Blue mountains trees
Blue Mountains food

Now that we were all ready to go, we stopped briefly at the Three Sisters lookout to tick that off the tourist checklist (as did a lot of other people that day!) then headed to the main event… our hike to Wentworth Waterfalls. You can follow a direct track from the main road but we parked further back to explore a bit more of the surrounding bushland. This was quite nice because we got to wander through a few of the quieter tracks as when you get closer to the falls it got quite busy. Nonetheless the falls were breathtaking. Depending on the route you take you can walk down alongside the waterfall to the base… a steep climb but the view looking up at the water cascading off the rocks is absolutely majestic.

Blue mountains waterfall
Blue Mountains waterfall
Blue Mountains waterfalls 2

After seeing the falls we backtracked and made the round trip in about 3 hours before setting off for the drive home. It had been a quick trip but well worth it for our first glimpse of the Blue Mountains.

It’s hard believe that such a short trip out of Sydney is such a raw natural wonder. If anything that’s my favourite part about Australia and in particular Sydney, you can be in urban mecca one minute and a moment later you can be standing on a beach or in the forest basking in the sheer beauty of nature. I feel most at home between the two environments so I feel very lucky to live in a place that allows me to experience the contrast of both.