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No room is complete without artwork. Think of it like accessorising, without it you have a basic outfit but no outfit is quite the same without those last few touches to give it character. And like style, always be sure to chose pieces that are true to your taste, after all your space should always reflect your personality.

Here are a couple of quick cheats for creating unique artwork on the cheap.


If big and bold are what you're after there are now a number of Etsy stores that sell digital print files that you can then scale to the size you need like this New York print I recently added to my Bedroom. Most print files cost less than $10, then of course the cost of printing will depend on what your local printer charges. Any basic frame from Kmart or Ikea are perfect to display them and won't break the bank, giving you a framed large scale artwork for under $50.


Another method I've been using for years is simply getting magazine clippings and arranging them in a frame collage. Pull out anything that inspires you, I tend to get a combination of fashion, quotes, unique photography and landscapes. The Collective magazine is my favourite to pull from with their artist's contributions each month, which often feature lettering or photography.

To make the overall look cohesive try to keep all of the images in tone with one another so that the colour palette reads as one. Then use a variety of different frame sizes, either all in the same colour or mix in timbers or other colours such as black as I have done, this will create further interest.


Images: own photography & Pinterest