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After reaching what can only be described as the dreary depth of Melbourne winter I had to break away for a weekend. So last weekend off I popped on a plane to Brisbane for a fluke weekend of sunshine and escape. Little did I know that I had arrived in an unexpected July heatwave across Brisbane so my quick city break suddenly turned into a beach holiday as we headed up the coast to Noosa.

I’m not sure if it was normal Noosa tourism or the fortunate stroke of weather but Noosa was absolutely bustling. I (*Melbourne Girl alert*) had to keep pinching myself that yes, this was in fact July, and yes, the beach was packed. But overall it has that resort- town feeling with pristine shopping strips, resorts lined up side by side along the beach and no one in any particular hurry to get anywhere.


I spent the Saturday wandering along Harvey street through the shops which were for the most part your regular fashion retailers but there were a few one-off boutiques that stocked a variety of lesser known brands. After I had gotten my retail fix I grabbed a refreshing smoothie from Blended to sip on at the beach where I stayed just long enough to see the sun begin to set.

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For dinner there isn’t a shortage of options but we did find most restaurants near-full by about 7pm. We settled for Roccoco, an Italian restaurant perched at the end of the street and the food was decent. Later on we went to a tiny little hole-in-the-wall bar that had a solo guitarist playing.

Sunday morning was a snoozy sleep in and brunch back on the main street before starting the drive back to Brisbane. We couldn’t help but take a pit stop in Maroochydore, further in along the Sunshine coast for a fish and chip lunch on the beach and a quick dip… well more like a tentative paddle really. Whilst it was lovely to have the warmth of the sun on your face the water still had a bit of an icy-edge to it. But still, this was July people. July. And I was wearing a bikini. Well played, Queensland, well played….