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I don’t believe in the overuse of the term ‘sustainability’, by nature I think this word represents a journey rather than some sort of finite label – ‘I am now sustainable’. My bathroom cabinet is probably the best example of this. Over the last few years I have slowly made a shift towards more naturally derived products, organic where possible, and questioned whether or not I really needed certain items – for the sake of the waste product that comes as a consequence of using a certain lotion, potion or powder.

I am in no way perfect and in fact I think that this is what we all need to strive for, for the sake of our skin and the environment. Your skin drinks up anything you put on its surface and I like to think of it similarly to the way I think about food – simple, clean and ingredients close to their natural source is the best way for nourishment as nature intended. This is certainly a transition. Like diet, a fast purge isn’t the way for long term change so I have slowly transitioned to better products as I began to educate myself more on their benefits.

These are some of the products that I reach for on a regular basis that I rely on to keep things simple and as natural as possible without sacrificing the modern luxuries we all love to be accustomed to.


Luna Bronze Self Tanning Lotion

Definitely one of those urban rituals that are completely optional but I much prefer to opt for this than risk the long term damage of a sun tan. I’ve been using Luna Bronze’s Self Tanning Lotion for years now and I love the hydrating formula and gentle sun-kissed glow it gives my skin. The biggest benefit for me is that not only am I confident in the formula’s natural ingredients but it also doesn’t leave me with that lingering chemical fragrance days into my tan like synthetic brands do. The mousse is great too, I reach for it for more instant results and special events.


Sukin Rosewater Face Mist

Probably one of the most underrated brands on the shelves, Sukin is my budget friendly go-to for simple formulas and all natural ingredients. The trifecta of carbon neutral, cruelty free and made in Australia, my favourite product to date is the Hydrating Mist Toner (a quick google has just revealed this is Emma Watson’s go-to so I must be onto something). I keep a mini in my bag and buy the full sized to keep it topped up so that I can use it to set my makeup, refresh my face midday, as a reset for anytime I’m feeling flustered or stressed or as a toner in my cleansing routine.


Frank Body Glow Mask

Another Aussie favourite, Frank Body’s iconic coffee scrub is a formula that absolutely lives up to the hype. Nowadays with their expanded skincare line I love that every product is effective yet all natural and not tested on animals. The Glow Mask is a little pep-up before special occasions and I am trying to remember to use it in the morning when my skin feels drab. Another favourite is the lip balm - the best on the market I swear.

Other items pictured: Akhal Pure Rassoul Clay, My Organics Restructuring Hair Oil and Ecotan Face Tan Water.