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Christmas has been and gone and our welcoming of the New Year is a fading memory... as things get back to 'business-as-usual' I am taking stock of what I have planned for the year and what I would like to achieve. 2017 was jam packed but I have loved closing the year with a sense of calm, relaxing up on the Sunshine Coast and appreciating the simple things. I love to reflect at this time of year, pondering on what I enjoyed most in the last 12 months, what I want to do more of and what goals I want to work towards in the coming year.

After taking some time out to relax and simply just be, my mind has hit refresh and I am excited to start the year with renewed inspiration. There are a few goals I wish to share with you that you will be seeing the journey of here so watch this space; however  I thought I would take a moment to share what I have been enjoying whilst taking some time off  and what has sparked my interest for this year's goals.

The Eve New Years Resolutions






Summers spent living in well worn denim, signature fragrances and toting my favourite straw bag....

This year I hope to instill a simpler approach to dressing and decorating. Appreciating the well made and well worn, becoming more in tune with my own style. 

To begin with, I will be starting the year off with a personal challenge to buy nothing new. With this I hope to gain a better appreciation for my current pieces, and strive to think more creatively about how I put outfits together.

The Eve New Years Resolutions






Reading and reflecting....

amongst the pages of a book is the best place to get lost.


One of my main goals for this year is to open myself up to more learning. I aim to better inform myself about the issues I feel passionately about, in particular the Fashion and Retail industry and it's relationship to the environment. I also want to gain better knowledge of sustainable lifestyle choices, in particular reducing my consumption of meat which I have already started over the summer.


The Eve New Years Resolutions







salty air, blue skies, clear water and rustling leaves. 


Theres nothing that makes me feel more balanced than nature. Feeling the sand between my toes or the smell of a fresh, leafy breeze is something I can forget to make time for if I get caught up in everything. Floating up to the coast for an impromptu getaway this summer reminded me that sometimes you just need to escape and I plan to leave myself open to more of these little breaks this year. 

I plan to make travel simple, road trips, camping, good company... that's it. Ready to go at a moments notice and open to explore wherever life takes me.


So what have your summer reflections lead you to hope for in the New Year?