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We may be a way away from New Year’s resolutions but this month I have resolved to get myself in order ahead of a busy and fruitful 2018. With the coming of the new year I have set myself a month-long goal of organising, planning, redecorating and tidying in every nook and cranny of my life to make sure that my space (and mind) is clear and ready to tackle what’s ahead. The biggest area of focus for me is my desk space, I am typically known as having the messiest desk in the entire office so this year I’m focused on turning a new leaf and enforcing a tidier standard in my home office.

The Eve Home Office Organisation

Especially as a creative, I do need ‘stuff’ in my workspace to inspire me. There are a few creature comforts I have come to love having around me as I work and help me to be most productive and clear headed. So along with this cleaning spree I have set myself up with a space that is organised, inspiring and serene.

The Eve Home Office Organisation



I am a bit of a bowerbird by nature and my desk always seems to be a magnet for clutter. Whilst I have come to accept that I’m ok with mess, I have resolved to at least create a space for everything to go so that while there may be ‘stuff’ there is order.

The key is to make this as mindless as possible and your system sensible. By that I mean, consider the categories of things you need within arm’s reach and perhaps store simply in a basket that you can pick from, as opposed to the things that can happily sit out of sight until they’re finally needed again like camera cords or archive notebooks.

On my desktop I have boxes and baskets that house everything to stop me from letting the mess spill over. If it doesn’t fit into one of these it’s gotta go. I keep one for stationary, one for product samples still on the go and one for receipts that need filing. If you do one thing to reform your messy desk ways make it this, trust me.

Next I have structured my paper system. Old school at heart, I still like to jot things down rather than go fully digital so I keep a diary for my schedule (An Organised Life has been a favourite of mine for the last few years), a notebook for all of my ideas and sketches and lastly printable to-do lists, again from An Organised Life. I used to keep these in the notebook but having them now separated is far more efficient. Not only can I can find them better, I can plan out when I am going to achieve things by day so I can set myself more of a deadline to complete the tasks.


The Eve Home Office Organisation





Being organised is all well and good but if I don’t give myself a visually appealing work space it really does reflect in my quality of work. No matter where my desk is I always like to splash a bit of my own personality onto the walls by creating mood boards with images that inspire me. Often magazine clippings, maybe a photo or two and a couple of quotes with meaningful words; I like to start each year off with a fresh arrangement to inspire my ‘mood’ for the year’s work.


I also like to incorporate my favourite books or magazines into my desk styling, not only for aesthetics but to keep within reach for those moments when your mind dries up working on creative projects. A quick flick through the pages can often be enough to re-inspire.





The Eve Home Office Organisation




This last category is all about ensuring that your workspace is conducive to calm efficient work. If you get stressed easily (🙋🏼‍♀️) it is important that your setup is armed with a few things that maintain the serenity. My go-to has always been candles. A lovely smelling scent always feels like a treat and keeps me in a good mood as I work away. My favourite fragrance for the office is fig because it is fresh, just a little bit fruity but still quite earthy.


Next up is greenery, which no office should be without. Even a little desk plant can brighten up your space but work wonders to improve air quality which in turn assists mental clarity. According to the stats, some studies have even proved them to reduce stress and improve general wellbeing but a couple of lesser known facts include that they act as a great noise insulators and assist in regulating room temperatures.






The Eve Home Office Organisation

Nothing feels better than a freshly organised workspace, with renewed inspiration my creative juices are flowing and I am so excited to be jumping back into work for the year. I hope these little tips help in getting you set up for 2018.