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It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of beauty and skin products. Anti-ageing, anti-oxidants, refining, regenerating, re-purifiying… with so many buzz words thrown at you from just a single shelf it’s hard to tackle a whole Mecca’s-worth of options. To cut through the options I prefer to keep things simple, looking for fewer ingredients endourced by Mother Nature herself.

The Eve Natural Skincare

To be honest, the biggest wake up call for me and my bathroom cabinet was when I started to notice that my previous cleansing products were actually fading areas of my bath towel. I couldn’t help but think, if these products have that reaction with the cotton dyes then what were they doing to the skin on my face? From there, I have been paying close attention to not only what goes on my face but even the broader implications of my beauty regime. I’m continually looking out what goes into the products but also being more conscious of where the waste goes after use.

The Eve Natural Beauty





For the Face

Of late I have really focused on reducing disposable products such as cotton pads and single use makeup wipes. Sure, they are convenient for simply swiping away the day’s face but a once off effort to purchase reusable cotton rounds and/or face washers will not only eliminate waste but also save you enough for two coffees a week (or a cocktail depending on which way your week goes!). I purchased my cotton rounds in a 10 pack from Precious You and the face washers I prefer are the bamboo cotton squares from Ecopure as they are nice and soft on the skin.

To wash my face I simply start with water and my normal cleanser (the Foaming Cleanser by Saya) and after soaking my cotton face washer, wipe clean. The first time you do this you’ll probably be a bit scared by the amount that these things actually remove, I find that the slight texture of the material makes these so effective but also keeps my skin lovely and soft due to the light exfoliating effect. The cotton rounds come into handy for targeted tasks, like removing eye makeup along with a couple of drops of micellar water. One little trick for these rounds is keeping a small garment bag in my bathroom drawer for the used pads so that they don’t get lost in the washing machine later.

Another addition to this trio I recently discovered was a Konjac sponge, from Onne Beauty. This little gem is a great step up for when my skin needs a deeper clean as it gently exfoliates but also replenishes the skin with natural minerals, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids that the sponge retains. I use this as a follow up to my regular clean, when the sponge is soaked I work across my face in buffing, circular motions and voilà! Baby soft cheeks for me.





For the Body

This is one area that I have already been doing pretty well in when it comes to natural ingredients. I have always hated synthetic scented formulas of body moisturisers so I have favoured natural skin oils for quite some time. I find a rich coconut oil great for topical treatments, if I find any area of my skin particularly dry, alternatively I opt for a lighter oil like macadamia with lavender for a bit of fragrance but also to calm me and my monkey mind down. Although for those hot days in summer I reach for my Born Again Body spray as it’s ingredients are all natural, light enough to dry in seconds and you get a lot out of the bottle.


One switch that was a bit of a “duh” moment was switching out my usual body washes for soap bars. I feel a bit silly that I was looking at my old body wash (all natural of course, but I still didn’t quite feel right disposing of the empty bottle) I couldn’t help but think that there has to be a lesser waste option for this. Then it dawned on me to go back to the good old days of soap. Ah what a blondie…. I’ve been back on the bars ever since. I love to find homemade lemon myrtle scented ones from local markets for a refreshing wake-me up fragrance or this one from Onne which is really moisturising and gentle enough to use on the face too. Anything double duty gets the tick of approval from me!



The Eve Natural Skincare 3
The Eve Natural Skincare