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It is that typical conundrum as the cooler months fall upon us, whilst you're layering up your clothes underneath your skin hasn't seen light in days and is subsequently feeling tight, dry and neglected.

The Eve Born Again Body

I am all for low maintenance beauty (read: I am actually quite lazy) but moisturising is something I have learnt to live by over the years as no amount of fake tan or makeup can disguise under nourished or dehydrated skin. So during this time I try and top things up at least every couple of days with a light moisturiser, preferably one with natural ingredients as I am becoming increasingly wary of slathering myself with chemicals for the sake of beauty. Nasty chemicals just 'aint so pretty in my eyes.

I have recently been reaching for Born Again Body which is great for a lazy gal like me being a spray and a light fast absorbing consistency yet potent enough to bring my skin back to life. Not to mention I love a really natural, botanical/herb-ey scent which this has in spades thanks to ingredients like green tea, rose and peppermint oil. And last but not least (fellow Interiors nerds you'll be with me on this) the packaging is pretty enough to leave out on the bathroom shelf. #shelfie goals am I right?

The Eve Born Again Body
The Eve Born Again Body