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The Eve Relaunch

Whether you are a new visitor or you are following us over from our previous site I wanted to take a second to thank you for showing interest in my blog.

As a bit of background, I started The Eve after numerous attempts at blogging that all seemed to reach dead ends and the intention of forming a personal creative outlet to give my ideas somewhere to live. I guess in a way until now this is what The Eve has reflected, the mish-mashed components of my journey to figure out what exactly my 'thing' is.

Whilst I have always had a love for styling and writing, and producing content was enjoyable and seemed to come easily I had an underlying sense that it lacked purpose. Increasingly I felt unsettled with the current blogging climate- the dependance on consumerism and how in some cases this drives a lack of authenticity in content. Through giving this notion a lot of consideration and also witnessing the cycles of retail from years of first hand experience I have become passionate about combining my love of, for beautiful, for lack of a better word "things", and shifting my mindset as a consumer to support a more sustainable way of living.

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I feel as though in the wellness industry we seem to be arriving at this place where there is an acceptance of balance and a holistic approach. We are more open to the idea of say, going to a sunrise yoga class but afterwards enjoying an indulgent brunch with your girlfriend. Life is about balance and just because you ordered a side of bacon doesn't mean that you're no longer qualify as the centred Yogi you were at 6am. I want to open the discussion on The Eve around finding this same sense of balance between maintaining a love for beautiful clothing or luxury homewares yet ensuring that these choices don't have a harmful impact on the world's resources.

Ultimately we have so many options available to us today, but what we have to remember is that these choices can be very powerful. The reality of today's retail environment is that we are producing more and more 'stuff' at a rapid rate. Trends are changing faster than ever and we're consuming more, yet pushing for cheaper prices... but is this simply so that we can afford to buy more? What I am making a conscious shift towards is buying less but better. Voting with my dollar towards thoughtfully designed products, where yes, a higher price tag might cover the cost of the designer's creativity. I'd much rather that than support major retailers that "borrow" designs from such creatives without license or who don't value a longevity of their product rather expect it to be disposable.


Not only this I am striving to open my eyes to sustainably manufactured products and finding out, what exactly does this mean? I know a lot of businesses are starting to ask themselves that very question. For now I am starting to do my own amateur research which I hope to share on The Eve and seek out brands who are prioritising ethical manufacturing, sustainably sourced and natural materials and where possible supporting local Australian made products. 

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I hope you enjoy this new direction in my content. Alongside the blog content I am also opening up my Styling, Content Creation and Digital Marketing Services. If you are interested in any of these offerings for your brand I invite you to look through the Services tab or contact me at about your project. I strongly believe in building a sense of community and supporting other creative's endeavours so if you are interested in a partnership I would love to hear from you.

The Eve Relaunch