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I'm forever on the lookout for unique brands with original designs. A few months ago when I discovered Nice Martin a few months ago they were all of this and more, also prioritising ethical production practises which is a huge passion of mine.

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Whilst I love fashion and curating my wardrobe with unique and interesting pieces I have felt conscious of showcasing my style on The Eve because I've always thought my taste to be quite basic. I love simple pieces, garments that are easy to wear and aspire to an effortless aesthetic. I have always aspired to be that woman that wears a few beautiful pieces rather than a crazy outfit of clashing colours and prints, rather she wears the classics well with a natural ease.

For this reason I am drawn to brands such as Nice Martin that let the shapes and materials of their designs do all of the talking. Their garments distinct and contemporary whilst maintaining a subtlety in their approach. Muted and natural hues form the base palette for the collections and the features of each piece are generally targeted to one or two features such as a simple print or statement buckle such as those on this Kendal Dress. I love how these pieces don't loudly screaming 'look at me' yet are still remarkable in their own subtle way.

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Another way of favouring this style of label is I am wary of making the most out of my clothes and really believe in investing in unique and well designed pieces. If I find a garment that has a distinct quality that I adore I find myself wearing it over and over and looking for different ways of reworking them so that I've got an excuse to wear them even more. With 'fast fashion' taking such a hold of how we shop I feel a bit as though we are losing touch with this mentality. We're too focused on getting a whole new outfit because that other one has been on Instagram or your work colleagues/girlfriends/boyfriend/family have already seen you wear it twice that we lose touch with appreciating our clothes and the designers that so thoughtfully crafted them.

With these thoughts swirling around my busy little brain lately my concern is growing for sustainability in relation to our shopping habits. I feel such an urge to seek out brands like Nice Martin who strive to find a happy medium between original design and ethical production. Nice Martin prioritise sourcing their materials from sustainable sources and have ensured that their manufacturing in Indonesia is conducted under ethical conditions for their employees.

I really feel as though we are about to see a shift in more brands making these practises a priority and as I endeavour to grow my awareness around this issue I really want to open up the door for this conversation here on The Eve. With sustainable fashion being a relatively emerging concept most advocates or experts in this area admit that the lines are blurred.  A lot of these brands that are striving to making change in their sustainability strategy admit that they can't guarantee a 100% harmless impact. So I am first and foremost going to take the same stance and admit that I'm not perfect, but what I do believe in is this effort to be better. Small efforts amount to big change and I am excited to see where these conversations go on The Eve and in the wider design industry.

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