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I don't think I can remember a time when I didn't have candles in my room. Over the years they have come to be my indulgence, a luxurious little treat to compliment my space and create a relaxing mood. Often I don't even get to burning them as I love how a touch of warm sunlight can release just enough scent to lightly grace you when you walk into a room. Although for those moments when I am catching some down-time I really enjoy that ritualistic feeling of lighting a candle and letting a delicious scent fill the room as it burns down and flickers.

I recently had the delight of working with Hutwoods, a Sydney brand who specialise in wood wick candles and beautifully crafted home fragrance wares. All of Hutwoods' candles are hand poured locally using eco-friendly soy wax derived from 100% natural soya beans. The advantage of soy wax is that it releases far less soot as it burns than paraffin waxes, and it is also biodegradable, free from pesticides and composed of renewable resources. To compliment this, their specialty wooden wicks are sustainably sourced and give a slower burn making these candles ultra long lasting.

The Eve Hutwoods Candles


Whatever your routine it is important to ensure that you are making space for your own wellbeing. Taking time from your week to relax is the best way to rejuvenate and ensure that your body and mind has time to unwind from your daily stresses.

You may like to set aside a weekend afternoon with the windows open to the breeze, a cup of coffee and some magazines with a lovely fresh fragrance lit like the Lime Basil and Mandarin or Tigerlily Blossom. Or perhaps your 'me-time' for the week is a night cozying up on the sofa with a warm blanket, relaxing music, a book and a woody comforting scent like the Wild Jasmine and Sandalwood or the deliciously sweet Fresh Coffee fragrance.

It is these simple rituals we come to forget when we're busy or tempted by technology. These little indulgences don't have to be complicated, it is simply about enjoying a few simple things that make you feel uplifted and refreshed.

I love how Hutwoods shares these values and how the idea of simple, natural luxuries underpins their entire philosophy.

The Eve Hutwoods Candles
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We strive to have a positive impact on wellbeing, encouraging everyone to enjoy a daily dose of calmness and relaxation.
— Hutwoods

My very favourite candle is without a doubt one of their Luxury Range, the Thyme & Olive Leaf. Sure, it comes in a stunning metallic silver vessel, and yes it has this earthy, masculine yet light and botanical aroma that is reminiscent of a breeze of cologne on a warm sunny day. All of this may be true but the very best part is that each of the candles in the Luxury range come with a wax paper cover that is embedded with seeds to repurpose your used vessel into a planter. So once you have burnt through your candle you can use it to grow a little herb garden.

When a product is as beautiful as this I can't stand the thought of throwing it out once it's finished so I will often find a new use such as using the empty candle jars to hold makeup brushes or stationary. I adore how Hutwoods has considered this and created something that will give a second life to the product.

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Hutwoods' online store can be found here, or for fellow Sydney dwellers you can stop by their flagship store in Caringbah or pop up store located in Westfield Sydney CBD.