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5 Homewares Worth Investing in

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Whether you’ve newly nestled into your first abode or recently relocated it is always a daunting task figuring out where to put those precious pennies when it comes to décor. With so many options available in the homewares space from budget to high end and everything in between, it’s hard to discern what is most worth investing in.


Ultimately investing once and investing right in good quality, classic designs is a much more sustainable approach than cheap, short lived and disposable items. By carefully selecting the right pieces you will make your money work smarter not harder in the game of longevity, not to mention in the style stakes. These are the top 5 pieces that are worth splashing a bit of extra cash on.


Good linen

Poor quality bedding is a sure fire way to challenge your ability to get a restful sleep. Low quality or synthetic materials not only feel scratchy and uncomfortable but don’t allow your skin to breathe and regulate a steady temperature which has a direct impact on sleep quality. If there is one thing that you can invest in for your home that will improve your day-to-day look to what you spend your night in.

Linen, Egyptian cotton or bamboo cotton are a great place to start for linen as they are all natural, breathable fibres. Same goes for wool or feather down when it comes to quilts and pillows. The best way of testing the quality of the piece is by actually feeling the material and the weight, if the down quilt doesn’t feel like it is properly full even after fluffing it up a bit, or if the linen feels loosely woven and lightweight rather than substantial and soft.


Scented candles

If there’s one first impression that you can make on someone arriving at your home it is the fragrance that they are met with. As lavish as it may seem it is truly worth investing in better quality candles and diffusers as the cheaper they are often means more synthetic ingredients and a plastic-ey fragrance. And just think, if you’re going ahead and burning these chemical laced candles you’re just polluting your home with toxicity. Look for quality waxes and natural essential oils and fragrances. Whilst scent is entirely personal preference but I always think lighter scents are a little bit less offensive- hints of fig, gardenia, lime or sandalwood all cater for different tastes but tend to be used in combinations that are easier on the nose and more widely appealing.


Glass vases

With trend based homewares having such a boom at the moment I feel as though the classic glass vase may be getting overlooked. Sure you can get a cheapy at just about anywhere but if you think back to your grandma or your mum’s cupboards there were those few that she held on to for years and seemed to compliment any bouquet.

The most versatile size in my opinion is something of about 10-20cm diameter and approximately 30-40 cm in height, as this should fit anything from a market bunch of magnolias or roses, to a moderately sized gifted bouquet. Clear glass is the obvious choice however an alternative that I tend to favour is a ribbed glass as a patterned glass still gives you that classic look but conceals the stems a little if you don’t want them on show. Either or, a straight cylindrical or slightly rounded design will stand the test of time as long as you opt for quality glass- keep an eye out for a decent thickness and an even texture.


Statement armchair

If you’ve only just adopted your abode humble beanbag will suffice as a temporary measure… but only as a temporary measure, do I make myself clear? If you’re #adult enough to have your own place it is time to invest in some adult furniture. Besides, a couch can be outlived by wear and tear but most likely an armchair will be with you for years to come. Not only this but chosen correctly it can make said basic couch look twice as stylish. So it pays to take some time to chose one that is equal parts statement and classic design. Look for quality fabrics or leathers and be prepared to invest a little more for the sake of longevity and original design that will have any visitor so captivated they’ll be commenting on your impeccable design aesthetic (completely oblivious to the boring old couch sitting next to it).



I won’t lie, whilst I do have the face of a 16 year old (as I just got told by the airport security check man not 1 hour ago) I do feel like at 25 I have reached the age of appreciating a having a couple of people over for good glasses of wine rather than a raging house party. So when it’s time to move from red cups to a glass of red invest in a set glasses in line with the drop of your choosing. Even if your specialty is a Moscow mule, having a nice set of serving glasses to whether they be short, tall, wide, etc is a nice throwback to the good old craft of hosting. Whilst it could be casual Fridays every day at your place serving someone a drink from a nice piece of glassware is one way for me of showing them that you appreciate their company.