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You've heard of the children that are more excited about the box than the gift... well I am the grown up equivalent. There's nothing I love more than a beautiful, creatively wrapped present; one that is almost too pretty to open. True to my eco-friendly roots, I adore reusing trinkets and recycled fabrics or papers into something new again and wrapping is the perfect opportunity for these offcuts and spare pieces.

To make this work, I always start with a base of brown or white paper. You can never go wrong with neutrals and this blank canvas leaves you open to endless possibilities. To this I add layered ribbons, papers, accessories... you name it. This year for Christmas I was inspired by textiles and wanted to get a bit creative. Here are the two ways I styled my gifts that I hope will inspire your creative gift wrapping and can be translated for any gifting occasion.

The Eve Christmas Wrapping



Jute string and hessian is my fallback for lovely simple and natural looking wrapping however this year I wanted to mix things up a little bit. After wandering the isles of my local craft store it hit me... Lace! The perfect touch of softness and something a little bit different to the age-old ribbon.

I don't like my presents to look matchey-matchey as I prefer them to look personalised for each recipient so I experimented with layering lace ribbon amongst different types of jute trimmings. A simple yet effective idea, this one required little effort but had big impact.

The Eve Christmas Wrapping
The Eve Christmas Wrapping


You will need:

Brown or white wrapping paper (I always find $2 shops the best for plain wrapping paper... or you could always recycle from a previous gift of course)

Jute String

Hessian Trimmings

Lace Ribbon

Double sided tape

Sprigs of Eucalyptus, Rosemary or Lavender (optional)



Simply wrap your gift as normal, then add layers of lace or hessian. Cut each stand to 1-2cm longer than the circumference of the present then use a strip of double sided tape the width of the ribbon to secure the ends together around the gift.

Tie a strand of jute string or twine over the top. Option to complete with a strand of rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus if you would like to add a touch of green.


scandi inspired pom poms

I wanted to bring something a little bit whimsical to my gifts this year and was inspired by soft, tactile objects and a bit of a Scandi-feel. Pom poms fit the bill perfectly and I challenged myself to whip a few up from scratch. Little did I know how easy these are to make, and within no-time I was on a pom-pom-roll!

The Eve Christmas Wrapping
The Eve Christmas Wrapping


You will need:

The same brown or white wrapping paper

Balls of wool (try and get pure wool rather than synthetic fibres as they don't biodegrade should your gift recipient throw them out)

Jute String


Scrap Cardboard 



As mentioned, pom-poms are easier to make than you may think, I have laid out an image below to demonstrate these steps but if you need a bit of extra guidance there are many helpful Youtube tutorials out there. 

(1) Firstly cut a piece of firm scrap cardboard into a "U" shape (the longer the prongs, the easier). These can be made at any scale, depending on how big you want your pom poms, I just played around with a few proportions until I was happy with my 'poms.  Alternatively for baby pom poms you can use a kitchen fork.

(2) Hold onto your starting thread and wrap around the prongs until the wool is a couple of centimetres thick. The thicker the more dense the pom pom. Then tie the end threads around the middle nice and tightly.

(3) Remove the wool from the cardboard and cut along the loops, leaving your tied strands so that you have something to attach your pom pom with. The biggest trick of the trade for perfect poms is once you have cut the loops free, trim the wool down as this creates a fuller look.

Now you are ready to attach to your gifts!

I wrapped strands of jute and wool around the gifts and tied a few mixed size pom poms to the top.


The Eve Christmas Wrap

I hope these ideas inspire you to mix it up on your next gift wrapping occasion. If you have any creative decorating ideas please leave them in the comments below.