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I'll be the first to admit, I'm a homewares addict. Candles, cushions, vases... you name it, I just love decorating my space and manifesting a sense of my personal style in a room. It makes me feel at ease and inspired if I am surrounded by my favourite things. So I am always on the lookout for beautiful brands with the same emphasis on a laid back, contemporary bohemian style. Not only this but I try to gather unique products, accumulating them slowly so that I can create a look that is truly my own.

I recently discovered Southbound Living, who have curated a range exactly in line with what I look for in a homewares brand. Southbound's collection is a beautiful curation of relaxed home essentials which fit perfectly with my love of natural materials and raw textures. What I love about them is they favour quality artisan goods which are sourced from sustainably responsible makers, in their own words they describe the range as "a thoughtful collection of some of the finest artisanal products from around the world". 

I'll try not to be biased about being fellow Melbournians but the brand's creator Steph and Amanda have hit the nail on the head for stylish sustainable homewares. I recently chatted to Steph about how the idea for Southbound begun and what's coming up next for the label.

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Tell us the story of how Southbound came about?

It was through my own health journey managing a chronic autoimmune condition, where I was spending more time working from home, that I saw how important the space we create around us is for our wellbeing and how we feel overall. It's not about having more stuff, but rather creating a space mindfully that gives you a sanctuary to be well, to entertain, and to feel at home.

I was already running a side business making and distributing pure soy wax candles, but wanted to expand to include more variety and be more representative of the things I really enjoyed at home. Candles are definitely one of the “little luxuries” that I think can bring a space to life and make it feel more cosy, but so can beautiful throws, cushions and a great serving platter for a cheese board when friends come over. Co-founder Amanda, who also happens to be my mum and loves home interiors equally, was looking for a new project so it was a good time to join forces.


Describe the Southbound style.

The Southbound style is refined-boho-luxe with a nice dose of timelessness.


We hear that you have an exciting new collection in the works, can you give us a little bit of insiders goss?

A little hint - home fragrance products and more variety in smaller decor pieces.


What are your three favourite pieces that make a house a home?

Quality textiles, a great platter for entertaining guests, and subtle candles to add ambience day or night.













What does a day in the life look like for you at Southbound?

Every day is different at Southbound, but they tend to involve a combination of lots of coffee, responding to emails and customer service enquiries, packaging orders, planning/scheduling social media content, reviewing blog posts, design work for new products, meetings, sourcing product, and general strategic planning for the business.


Sustainability is key to your brand, what else do you do at home to be as eco-friendly as possible?

Being vegan is the most helpful way my partner and I have found to contribute to long term sustainability and that largely affected the decision to change our lifestyle to plant-based over two years ago.  We also recycle everything possible, compose any biodegradable waste from the kitchen, try to purchase products made from natural materials, fix items where possible instead of throwing into the trash, and have started growing our own produce. We are planning to add solar panels to our house in the coming months to take advantage of the Australian sun as well.

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In collaboration with Southbound Living.