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I will admit I am very fussy when it comes to handbags, but rightly so as I am known to sport the same one for years if it is the right fit. When I came across the WOOLF Leather range I knew I had found my new everyday bag, the perfect combination between simple design, beautiful leather and just a hint of a nod to nostalgic vintage detailing. It's a tough brief but I know it when I see it.

The Eve Woolf Leather


The key behind this philosophy is versatility. Leather bags are made to last and unlike nearly any other item in your wardrobe they are something that you wear each and every day. To me, it makes sense to invest in a simple design that adapts to many outfits and occasions. This is something that I love about WOOLF Leather, I can see each of their designs being highly versatile and classic. In particular the Vasikos design which is the perfect everyday size for me. Small enough to be carried with ease, yet the right size to fit my daily essentials including my diary.

Another reason I was drawn to WOOLF is their stance on manufacturing. They produce in small quantities ensuring a unique product and instilling a value in leather as a material. All leathers are ethically sourced and hand tanned by by local Indonesian artisans. In doing so, there is a natural variation to the material which to me is the whole point of a leather, with normal wear it will only accentuate it's natural quality. A beautiful leather will age gracefully and only become better with time.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jess, the creator of WOOLF about the idea behind this stylishly minimal brand and the importance of honouring your materials.

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How did the idea for WOOLF Leather come about?

WOOLF Leather all started from the desire to find a minimal, chic, black leather handbag that you didn’t have to sell a kidney to pay for it! 


Who is your WOOLF leather muse? Who is she and describe her style.

WOOLF Leather’s muse is effortlessly beautiful. She has a carefree nature and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. The blue denim and white tee ocean loving type with a sense of understated elegance.


Why is it so important to you to manufacture in small batches?

All WOOLF Leather pieces are handcrafted in Indonesia by local artisan families. Leather pieces are produced in small quantities as to preserve the ethical rights quality of life for our talented leather craftsmen. 

The Eve Woolf Leather
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What are the qualities of leather that you love to work with?

Leather is such a beautiful and luxurious material to work with. I love that it can be so raw and natural yet be transform into something amazing. No two leather hides are the same which makes each WOOLF Leather piece unique in its own way. 


What do you find gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you?

As cliche as it sounds, a lot of the initial designs are created or envisaged whilst lying at the beach. My partner is an avid surfer and I’m a sucker for a good beach hang so many weekends are spent beachside. 

Along with this, countless hours are spent trawling through blogs and social media. 


What are the key things you look out for in the perfect bag?

 The perfect bag is simple, minimal and chic in design. It has youthful elegance mixed with luxe leather materials. 

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WOOLF Leather can be purchased online here.